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Do you get stuck with baby / children items you no longer need or want and it’s just waiting in the middle of the house?

Well, the solution would easily be, becoming a part of our mother’s community. Getting rid of these ‘things’ would be fast, easy and you’ll know they found their new home!

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Receive from Co-Mother

You don’t know how to lower your children expenses?

Well, register to MyMommyClub, be a part of our community where we share each other’s baby and children items, earn new friends and save a lot of money!

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Be A Part of Our Community

Our vision is to form a wide mother’s community with tips, news, collaborations and most important information. We hope you’ll see these as an opportunity and will form here a fruitful community.

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Moms helping other Moms

This platform was born in order to connect mothers and to enable them to help each other by exchanging baby & children items and information.

Unlike other apps and websites, that assist in sales and purchases of secondhand products, MyMommyClub is focused around creating an exchange community for mothers. These platforms are not geared towards mothers’ needs when referring to receiving second hand items: knowing the person that you are receiving the items from, saving money, and more importantly, saving time.

The main idea is to match between mothers whose babies are in the right development stages to complete a perfect exchange, i.e., a mother with a 6 months old baby (looking to give away items) will be matched with a mother of a 3 months old baby (looking to receive items). This approach to creating a community will simplify the exchange process, and even help mothers who don’t have who to give and receive children’s items from.


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